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October 30 2017

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June 25 2015

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March 30 2015

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March 13 2015

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February 28 2015

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December 25 2014

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In 1840, Joseph Cundall (A children’s and illustrations publisher) published the first ever commercial Christmas card. It was designed by John Horsley at the suggestion of Sir Henry Cole. (Sir Henry was later involved in the Great Exhibition of 1851 and was a founder member of the Victoria and Albert Museum.) One thousand cards were printed by Jobbins of Holborn, then hand‑coloured by a professional colourer ‑ William Mason. The design was divided into three panels, the centre one depicted a family party, and the legend “A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU”. The side panels showed ‘the poor’ being fed and clothed.

The cards were put on sale at a shilling each and sold reasonably well, however, it seems that Cundell did not publish any more Christmas cards in subsequent years ‑ but others did, and by the 1880s festive cards had become a normal feature of Victorian Christmas celebrations. …

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December 17 2014

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November 21 2014

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November 18 2014

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November 10 2014

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November 01 2014

October 29 2014

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October 27 2014

September 28 2014

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September 24 2014

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September 21 2014

September 15 2014

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